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Motorcycle Service & Repair


Off-Road, Dirt Bike Service and Restoration. Custom Fabrication and Advanced Tuning are part of the Custom Cycle Studio Expertise.

Dirt Bike, ATV and Off Road

Service & Restoration

Two-Stroke Engine repair, Carburetor Rebuilding & Jetting, Wheel truing, New Spokes, Exhaust Tuning, ATV axle service, Suspension repair & Tuning and much more.

We fabricate parts, modify frames, etch & internally seal fuel tanks, replace those hard to find parts and bring even bikes like the Rickman Montesa back to like-new condition.

Rickman Montesa
Rickman Montesa Project, starting with the engine.
Dirt Bike Restoration
After Cylinder Head Work, the Body and Engine Side Cover Come next.

1973 Rickman Montesa Project, Finished and ready to RIDE!


Cylinder head Helicoiled, Carb. Rebuilt. Engine serviced. Side cover polished and replaced, Front forks flushed and refilled, Front Fender Fiberglass repair and painted, Rear Fender painted and replaced, Fuel tank etched and resealed, Frame polished, Grips replaced, Kickstand fabricated and installed, Suspension tuned, Carburetor jetted, Air Filter replaced,